This is a curated list of useful links


  • Distill: Absolutely incredible Machine Learning journal; all publications have interactive visualizations.

  • Great place to find many recent publications in Machine Learning, CS, Mathematics, Physics, and more.


  • Rosetta Code: Think of any algorithm: This website will have a clean implementation in almost every language.
  • LeedCode: Practice solving programming puzzles.
  • GitHub: Store and share your code online.
  • stack overflow: If you program, you have found yourself here more than once; a forum for asking questions to programming problems. Careful when looking at answers; many are incorrect.
  • Google: For anything you can’t find on stack overflow.


  • Towards Data Science: Lots of good posts here (and a lot of amateur posts too; be careful)
  • OpenAI Blog: Great AI blog from OpenAI, has lots of articles on the most recent advancements in AI.
  • Google AI Blog: Another solid blog from Google for staying up to date with recent inovations in AI, especially when it comes to applications.

Online Learning

Development Tools & Software

  • Jupyter: Incredible tool for rapid prototyping and data visualization.
  • tmux: Great for handling multiple terminal windows, and leaving sessions running on a remote machine.
  • htop: Great system resource usage tool.
  • git: The industry standard for version control.
  • SourceTree: Powerful git GUI.
  • Sublime Text: Minimal and highly customizable code editor.
  • Sublime Merge: Git for sublime, similar to SourceTree.
  • Atom: Another solid code editor, with built in git integration. Speaking of git, this one is made by GitHub. Contains many advanced git features, such as visual merge conflict resolution. If you are a heavy git user, this is a great one to go with.
  • ITerm: Great terminal emulator for mac.
  • Hyper: Another great terminal emulator; this one is cross-platform (and also very pretty).
  • Slack: Great communication tool for collaboration.
  • Tad: A viewer for tabular data. Still under development, currently only supports file viewing.


  • Link: All of my favorite libraries and language specific tools.

Last updated: April 2019